Who says we are no different from anybody else? We are neither talkative nor garrulous. We leave talking to the realists. We are idealists. And your ideas are our inspiration. 


A finished product is the result of a long process. A process that makes use of synergy effects and imagination, creativity and know-how, and at the end of which there is something unique.


We would like to accompany you in this process from the idea via the development and the design up to the final model ready for production and a unique trademark. For no concept is too bizarre, no idea too daring.

Imagine. Believe. Succeed.



We are an international company that specializes in the development and sale of high quality products in the cleaning and household sectors.

Ferdinand Likosar, CEO


We equally comply with the requirements of the market and the highest quality standards as with the wishes and demands of our customers.


As it is one of our core competences we accordingly attach high importance to the product design. Design is not only meant to create incentives but also to transport qualities.


In all production steps we set great store by meeting the highest quality standards - this is also true of mass production.

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Acting worldwide

We produce and act internationally

  • Worldwide production opportunities

  • International contacts & customers

  • Competent marketing service

  • Many years of experience

  • In-house design development